Welcome to the website of MP Police. I extend my greetings to you and hope that you find our website helpful and relevant for your information needs. We have designed this website primarily to help the general public, as well as our employees gain direct access to the Police Headquarters, 24/7 from their computers or smart phones.

MP Police has been at the forefront of embracing new technology, in order to improve the law enforcement outcomes for a vast and diverse State like ours, which presents a gamut of challenging public safety problems. We are working hard to serve India’s fifth largest State population, who are spread over the second biggest State of India, in terms of area. The website, along with our other social media platforms is a sincere attempt on our part, to remove the barriers of communication, so that we are able to interact directly with the 7.5 crore strong population of MP; and the 100,000 strong MP police force, which protects them. We believe that we have to harness the opportunities that online social platforms present, since policing is largely community- based work, where the public needs to see us do our work in an open and transparent way, so that they can trust us and also help us to do our work more efficiently. A supportive public makes our job much easier and every employee of the police force should try to interact with them, politely and professionally, both offline and online.

Increasingly, cyber criminal activity is on the rise and anyone who uses a computer or a smart phone is at risk from a host of crimes, from identity theft, blackmail, bullying, fraud, scams etc, often resulting in needless loss of life. The more we educate the public and our police force about these new kinds of crimes and empower them to fight such crimes effectively at the individual, social and institutional level, the better we will be at protecting them. We are currently developing new features in order to facilitate a digital, interactive interface between the public and Police HQ, as well as, the DGP and MP Police employees.

Desh Bhakti, Jan Seva” is the motto of our Police force and the website, along with our Twitter and You Tube platforms, is an attempt to fulfil our motto in a digital age.

I would like to see the 100,000 strong MP Police make its presence felt digitally, as a force of good, by supporting each other and the public. Policing can be a stressful job and having safe digital spaces for colleagues to interact amongst themselves by commenting or highlighting good work or to have access to reliable, relevant, professional and personal resources can be invaluable for self motivation. This is another objective that we are already working on. However, any local initiative, from our talented and hard working employees, would be most welcome.

I would welcome any suggestions from the public as well as from members of our police force, with respect to the website and our work. Please connect with us, via the website or our social media platforms and give us your valuable feedback. Please bear in mind that the website is a new initiative by MP Police and there might be a few teething errors, for which I do apologise. However, we intend to strive to make the website better for all concerned, as we go along. We intend to make MP Police a progressive, digitally literate and transparent public organisation, so that we are able to serve the public to the best of our abilities in this rapidly changing, technological world.